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“I Want To Ride My Bicycle”

You like riding bikes and love getting dressed-up for an occasion?

Then this might interest you: the Tweed Run has made it to Berlin and is on its way of establishing a lovely tradition there.

Tweed_runThe Tweed Run originated, as to be expected, in London and is the cumulative result of people enjoying the simple pleasures of an era gone-by. Cyclists all over the world are enjoying a casual ride on their modern or antique bikes, getting dressed in period clothes, Tweed of course the preferred material, and having a proper afternoon tea at the end of it.

Their enthusiasm for their fashionable pastime has led to an increase in clubs organizing events throughout the year and groups meeting on the internet to spread the word.

Tweed around the World

Nowadays the world traveller can spend the whole year following the good weather and having a jolly good ride in some very interesting cities. As the rides are not competitive, there’s plenty of time to admire the parks and architecture during the trips.

Just like being on a tour with us, you get to see the highlights and sights at a leisurely pace and off the beaten tracks.

Author: Petra Alsbach-Stevens

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