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Bikes, not as you used to know them

And following from our last post a quick update on what’s around before we get into more travelling highlights. The serious cyclists amongst our readers will be well and truly informed about the latest advances in technology and how they get adapted to their beloved mode of transport. And one thing that we were surprised to discover during some recent research, is the leaps and bounds being made on the e-bike front.

E-bike – Pedelec – Moped

Electricbike1raleighAs we mentioned in earlier articles most European cities are extremely bike friendly and want to increase the amount of cycles used. While I grew up using a Moped to get around, this fossil-fuel powered and regulated mode of transport is not attractive to the modern urbanite. Instead a new breed of two-wheelers are catching their eyes: the pedal-assisted bike – only, on-demand and on-demand only versions – powered by a rechargeable battery!

Stylish in the city

675px-E-bike_charging_stationWhile the first models reminded one very much of a DIYer’s mad dream, today’s versions come in all sorts of designs. But not only the looks have improved, the advances in battery technology have made them an easy to use transport vehicle. Reduced battery weight and aluminium frames make them an excellent choice to get started in unlikely places like Wellington for example.

The future on wheels

640px-A_mountain_bike_styled_e-bike,_Cyclotricity_StealthWhile some people still doubt that bikes could ever become the sole mode of transport here in New Zealand, changes in city design and environmental awareness show them as economic and ethical alternatives to the fuel-guzzling square boxes we’re using at the moment. And future changes in regulations around their use in national parks means they can indeed be used like your usual mountain bike and take you to places you might not have considered before.

Cycling in Germany

If you have a look at our tours through Germany you will see that on top of having dedicated cycle tours available now, most will include shorter or longer trips around the cities or country side on pushbikes. If you’re interested to try these fascinating e-bikes, talk to us and we will see what would be best for you.

Author: Petra Alsbach-Stevens


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