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Photographs – Sweet Memories Part 2

Today we’d like to explain the terms and conditions of yesterday’s introduction to our photo quest. If you still have any questions afterwards, fire away in the comments or send us an email (see below).

Privacy and Copyright

Both remain absolutely with you! We can accommodate all levels of privacy for our publication: you can choose to be completely anonymous or we can publish your name and/or web site details. Obviously, if people are recognizable in the photos, they must have given you explicit permission to have them published, as well as whether they would like to remain anonymous or have their names added to the title.

Technical stuff

Please send us photos as a small file.

On average each file should not be larger than 500kB, with ~500×800 pixels at 300pixels/inch.

This is just an example, because as we upload the photos manually we don’t have to be too picky, but we need to ensure our mail box doesn’t get swamped with 10MB large files and then no one can contact us anymore.

Please give each photo a title, tell us when and where it was taken and what your privacy preferences are. You’re more than welcome to send us several photos, we will publish them consecutively.

By submitting your photographs and privacy preferences you agree to let Sidetracks publish them on their web site and social media pages for the stated purposes.

Once a photo has been chosen, we will contact the photographer and ask for the larger file for the use in the e-calender.

And last but not least

Please send your masterpieces to the following email address:


In joyous anticipation, your Sidetracks team

Author: Petra Alsbach-Stevens

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