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General Long-haul Flight Booking Considerations

Get a flight with the fewest and easiest connections possible, to cut down on your overall flight time. If you do have to kill some time at an airport during transit, here are some great suggestions by Lonely Planet – and have a look at the comments, too ;-).

Maybe consider breaking your journey half-way with a stop-over somewhere if you can spare the time. Otherwise, it is possible to book an airport hotel for a few hours in most major airports, allowing you to stretch out, rest and enjoy a refreshing shower.

Most airlines let you choose your seat when you book, so to avoid being squeezed in the middle of a row, pick a seat as early as possible. Consider an aisle or exit row seat for leg room, or a window if you want to sleep. Note that the last row of seats in the plane usually don’t recline.

Try to avoid seats near the toilets/lavatories, as other passengers will be accessing these regularly (sometimes forming queues) and may disturb your sleep with accidental bumps to your seat and noisy conversations. Noise and light from the toilet door opening may also be disturbing.

And last but not least, review your ticket carefully when you book it. By double-checking your dates, destinations, and exact spelling of your name, you can avoid a lot of potential stress later.

Once you start your Germany Tour with Sidetracks you can just relax and enjoy – we always endeavour to make your European adventure completely hassle-free for you! For  flight booking tips we have specifically put together for New Zealand and Australian travellers see our article on long-haul flights from Down Under to Europe – part 2.

Looking forward to showing you the heart of Europe, Barbara Panettieri and the Sidetracks Team






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