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Summer activity in HamburgFahrrad ausstellung

Winter in New Zealand means summer in Germany! And Germans, like many Kiwis, like their bikes to get around the cities quick and easy. Fittingly, this summer a wonderful exhibition started at the Museum der Arbeit in Hamburg: “Das Fahrrad”.

The museum specialises in exhibitions on industrial, technological and social history in Hamburg and Germany. This particular exhibition not only showcases the history and technological development of the push bike but also its changing status in society. Through a range of exhibits, films and activities you can get a thorough understanding where the bike came from and where it might be heading in the future!

4571121182_9a99b0b6cd_zWhat’s in the future?

A couple of exhibits should prove rather intriguing: “Autos zu Fahrrädern” (‘Cars into Bicycles’) by Folke Koebberling and Martin Kaltwasser. And the slowest Porsche in the world by Hannes Langeder. While the intentions behind each of the projects differ, they are sure to make you look twice and re-think some of the concepts developed for modern cities!

Real action

penny farthingAnd for those of you visiting Hamburg with our tours, who want a real life experience: every second and fourth Sunday of the month you can choose between trying out a Penny-farthing in a secure station and riding on historic and current models along a course in the museums’ court yard.


Author: Petra Alsbach-Stevens




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