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Living on the other side of the world!

From whose point of view? Kiwi and German of course!

In 2007 Steffen Kreft came to New Zealand to do his Masters in Digital Design and this involved making a film about the fears and transformations experienced by a traveller arriving in a foreign land. He stayed on and now is busy making short films for DoC and the Ministry for the Environment. On top of that he’s quite active in the Wairarapa art scene and now has started another project. In co-operation with the Goethe Institute in Wellington and his partner William Connor (on a fact finding mission in Berlin at the moment) he has started making a series of stop-motion films that highlight each nationality’s behaviourisms in a light-hearted and teasing manner.


While we know that in the wife swap and house swap reality shows on TV only one person or house gets changed, in lifeswap the complete cultural background is exchanged. For a whole year the German Jörg and the Kiwi Duncan trade places in their respective flatting arrangements und discuss their experiences. The short films explain each nations’ idiosyncrasies by gently making fun of them. While the first episode shows Duncan receiving a lesson in rubbish separation and recycling, the second one demonstrates how Kiwis deal with conflicts and gives Jörg some clues how to fit in better.

Communication – all over the world

As you might remember, Sidetracks now offers guided tours throughout Germany and we thought this might be an interesting way of introducing and explaining a little bit of our home country’s quips and quirks before letting you loose there! Hopefully the fun way will get you interested in experiencing it first hand and we can welcome you in the next year to good old Germania.

As an ex-pat of 19 years I thoroughly enjoyed the clips and look forward to more!


Here’s the first episode:

and here’s the second:


Author: Petra Alsbach-Stevens


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